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So, what are landing pages? Many pages can be described in three different types. Now the typical person would think that the page they land on is a landing page, but for SEO purposes, it’s a little different. Now when I referred to as SEO, I referred to organic search engine optimization.

Typically most sites that are referenced or found within Google, people think those are their many pages, it could have been direct or indirect, or simply their homepage. In other words, Google could have indexed that page due to full organic SEO or it was by chance that you had specific words within that blog, paragraph, etc.

Most SEO firms, would like to think that simple paragraphs would optimize the site and have backed away from black hat tactics, but in all reality Google and Bing still are attracted to these tactics. Sure they reference in their articles here and there that they are no longer indexing sites with these tactics, but in all reality we’re all losing out when it comes to these blogs. Let’s stick to the basics, which is what we do. These tactics are not black hat tactics, but original tactics that have been around for over 23 years, and we stick to these.

creating landing pages for organic seo

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