Small Business Website Design Time Line

The web design timeline is actually pretty straightforward. However, it is still a good idea to have a basic outline of the steps involved so you will know what to expect. While individual situations may vary, we hope that this detailed description of the process will give you a good idea of how we do it here at SoCal 350 Web Design.

Initial Consultation:

Generally, the first contact is made either by e-mail or by phone. At SoCal 350 Web Design, we have a very easy-to-use online form that prospective clients can use to contact us. Once we are in touch with the client, we usually ask the client to complete a questionnaire with specific questions about what they want in a website. Once we have evaluated the questionnaire, we will set up a meeting to go over some of the basic design ideas together as well as provide the client with realistic estimates of time and costs.


This is a critical and ongoing part of the process - without good communication, the whole project can get bogged down. At this point there will be further discussions with the client – specifically about the style, content, and layout of the website. This gives the client an opportunity to clarify and add details to the answers from the questionnaire. At this point any web site content (text, photos, etc.) to be provided by the client will be sent to the designer, and an initial retainer fee of one-third of the final fee will be paid as a deposit, before we start on the web site design.

Site Construction and Preview:

Now the design and development people will begin coding the site pages. When they have finished with this stage, they will upload the site to a secure server so that the client may see how it will look when it goes "live". At this point, the client can request any final changes or corrections.

Final Payment:

After the site has been tested and approved, the remaining balance of the payment will be made, and the site will go "live" by uploading it onto the client's server or web host.

On Going Maintenance:

After the site has gone live, the client may wish to contract for maintenance on the site. This could include updating content, keeping the SEO properties refreshed, replacing information or images on the site, adding or removing pages from the site, etc. SoCal 350 Web Design uses a separate contract for maintenance. Maintenance work is usually charged at an hourly rate rather than a flat project fee, but this point can be negotiated on an individual basis.

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