Sixty-nine years ago a Jewish refugee from Germany landed in Los Angeles, America. About two years later he opened Fred’s Bakery, introducing his hometown original products. He found the location on the border of Beverlywood, a mostly Jewish community, to be most accommodating. Jews and non-Jews alike started flocking to the new bakery once they tried the “real” rye bread the challah, pumpernickel, whole wheat, and German spelt bread. Bagels like Fred’s they could find only in Manhattan’s Lower East side. The babka, the cinnamon loaf, and the alligator reminded them of home. Kalatchki they couldn’t find in any other place and the hamentschen, chocolate cigar, and chocolate Danish were irresistible. And then they tasted the Rugalach…

For forty-three years Fred ran his bakery like a captain navigating his ship in the America dream sea. His children were born and grew up smelling the baked bread and pastries, literary. And when he past away in 1992 it was only natural that they’d take over.

Today new owners run the bakery, loyal to the same brand name Fred’s Bakery, making the same traditional products with Fred’s old time assistants now the leading bakers. In addition, there are some new product lines that keep the bakery unique among the competition.

Fred’s Bakery partners with famous delis and restaurants (Langers’, Johnnies’ Pastrami to mention few), with upscale country clubs (Brentwood), with Beverly Hills Assisted Living homes, with Temples, Markets, and others.

There are many other bakeries that make good products. Fred’s Bakery pride itself in excellent quality products, consistency, punctuality, great service, and moderate pricing.